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MICAH LEXIER  /  THEN AND NOW  /  October 14, 2005 – November 12, 2005  /

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Installation View, 2005

Now & Then
October 14 – November 12, 2005
Opening Reception: Friday, October 14, 2005, 6-8pm
The Jack Shainman Gallery is pleased to present Micah Lexier's exhibition Now & Then, which brings together a number of works that revolve around the inter-related themes of increment, duration and portraiture. Lexier’s work often focuses our attention on the passage of time and in this exhibition the idea of duration is explored in some detail, with each work chosen to represent a specific measure. One work deals with a statistical life span, another focuses on the duration of a decade and a third takes on the duration of the exhibition itself.

The focal point of the exhibition is the work David Then & Now (2005) consisting of a series of photographic portraits of individuals taken exactly 10 years apart. This work is a follow up to Lexier's 1994 project A Portrait of David, which consisted of 75 life-size photographs of men and boys named David, one of each age, from age one to age seventy-five. For this new project, the artist re-contacted the original models and had them return to the same location to be re-photographed exactly 10 years later. The new work, David Then & Now, is a series of 75 diptychs, each consisting of the original 1994 portrait placed beside the current portrait: one individual at two different times in their life, sharing one space. Each diptych is as much a portrait of a specific individual as it is a portrait of what a decade looks like.

The exhibition includes a second major piece, which is a wall text work entitled Self-portrait as a wall divided proportionally between this black type representing life lived and the remaining white space representing life to come, based on statistical life expectancy (1998/2005). In this work, the wall has been calculated to represent the statistical life expectancy of the artist and the text has been sized accordingly to occupy the surface area of the wall equal to the artist’s life lived. This is a well-known work by the artist that has been shown in numerous cities and in a variety of languages but this is the first time to be shown in New York City.

In addition to these two large works, there will be a number of smaller pieces that play with the notion of duration and increment. One notable work is Gallery Hours (2001/2005) in which a custom-minted coin is given away each hour for the duration of the exhibition. Each hour’s coin is given away to the first person that asks for it. In exchange for being given the coin, the recipient is asked to initial a paper chart. Gallery Hours is a constantly evolving work in which a drawing is created (the charts get completed) as the coins get dispersed.

This past summer Plug In ICA presented a bus shelter version of David Then & Now, which took place on 50 bus shelters in downtown Winnipeg. Lexier has a series of three small, consecutive solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, the first of which is presently on view. Lexier's work can also be seen in the exhibition Classified Materials: Accumulations, Archives, Artists, which is presently on view at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Recent group exhibitions include Open at the Arcadia University Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, Free Time at the CAST Gallery, Tasmania and Hidden Histories at the New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK.
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