Blood and Spit

Jack Shainman Gallery and The Guild are pleased to present Blood and Spit, a new volume of works by T.V. Santhosh covering works from 2007-2009, also encompassing works from his solos - Living with a Wound, A Room to Pray and Countdown. The publication consists of essays by Shaheen Merali, Brigitte Ulmer, Alexander Keefe and Santhosh S. who discuss and evaluate T.V. Santhosh's works, process and practice through a synthesis of different disciplines, contexts, perceptions and interpretations.

By entering the world of T.V. Santhosh, we become an accomplice to the drama and violence that we have just experienced. We are left with a snapshot of a greater story both immediate and timeless, a witness to his conscience. (2009, 146 pages)      

PRICE $40.00

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